Wesley Long


Department Chair and Associate Professor
Physical Science Building 719
(405) 325-1070

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Professional Information

Courses Taught

Current Problems in HR
Adolescent Issues
Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
School in American Culture
Sociology of Education
Cultural Pluralism
Naturalistic and Qualitative Research
Social Change Process
Adolescent Issues in the African American Community

Representative Publications

Vaughn, C.A. & Long, W.C. "Adolescent addiction and recovery: A study in extremes". Advances in Psychological Research. (New York: Nova Science Publications, 2000): pp. 1-18.

Long, W.C. & Vaughn., C.A. "I've had too much done to my heart": The dilemma of addiction and recovery as seen through seven youngsters' lives. Journal of Drug Education, Vol.29 (4) pp. 309-322, 1999.

Vaughn, C.A. & Long, W.C. "Surrender to win: How adolescent drug and alcohol users change their lives." Adolescence, Vol. 34, No. 133, Spring 1999.

Long, W.C. & Farr, C.A. "Lost and found: Young Afro-American males in the inner city." Urban Education, Vol. 26 (October, 1991): pp. 310-326.