Victor Keefe

Greetings from a long time ago grad. I completed in 1974/1975. HR was the only game in town at Fort Sill where I was stationed at the time. The Ed center at Sill advertised a new and wonderful program never tried at Sill, a grad degree “on Post” in an intensive weekend seminar format with an “on campus” week at OU a couple of times during the program. Dr. Henderson, as I recall, was the chairman.

HR was not “my thing” at the time but it did offer a path to a Grad degree, a requirement for the future assignment I was requesting. I completed all of the classroom/weekend requirements in 1975 just in time to pack up and move to Tehran, Iran for a three year assignment. I returned stateside in June of 1978, (the Shaw was deposed in September 1978 and the Islamic revolution began).

I finished my Army career in Rochester, NY as the Professor of Military Science at RIT and head of the Army ROTC programs at two SUNY colleges plus three private colleges in western NY State. Retirement seemed the natural next step following my 30 years in the Army uniform. I retired, moved to Dallas, TX and started a new career with Texas Instruments. For seventeen plus years I was a Management Development Specialist, Personnel Administrator and HR Director, retiring finally and permanently in 2000.

We have moved back to my home town where we enjoy our 8 children, 22 Grandchildren and 9 (soon to be 10) Great Grandchildren.

My best wishes for continued success of the HR program at OU and thank you for this opportunity to comment.


Victor Keefe