Teymur Mahmudov, Class of 2010

Dear Mr. Long,

Thank you for your letter and congratulations on my completion of HR degree at the University of Oklahoma. I have graduated my masters’ degree in 2010. I’ve been very fortunate to spend unforgettable 2 years in university. With that, I’d like to thank from bottom of my heart all professors, peers and everybody who supported me during my academic endeavor. Definitely, OU was is and will always remain a major milestone in my personal life and career pursuit. 

 Upon graduation in 2010, I’ve continued my career as HR specialist in the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR- www.socar.az). You can obtain more information about one of the biggest national oil and gas company of the world through the link above. Thanks to knowledge and experience obtained at OU within 3 years of time I’ve been promoted to the Recruitment manager position at HR department of SOCAR. My next promotion took place in 2013 into the position of Deputy General Manager of Investments Division where I’m currently continuing my career. At this position my responsibilities cover HR, migration issues, development of local talent, etc. I would be more than happy to share further details upon request.  


 Teymur Mahmudov