Sherry Malcomb Gill

Hello. My name is Sherry Malcomb Gill. When I was in the HR Department, I was known as C.A. Malcomb. It was a great time to be at OU and in HR. I was enrolled at OU from 1970-1976. From Fall 1974 until December 1976 I participated in the Human Relations Program. I turned down Law school to participate in Dr. Vera Gatch’s Specialization in Professional Psychology which was offered in Fall of 1975 as an alternative to the closed clinical psychology program. It was an incredible experience to be the first students to participate in this program.

Being involved in Human Relations was like being involved in a family. George and Barbara Henderson opened up their home, their minds, and their hearts to me. I was a teaching assistant to Brandy Wood who was later known as Akai.

There was a tremendous sense of the importance to change the world to a better place. Diversity was everywhere. People were involved in AIM, in Feminism, and in equality for everyone no matter race, sexual orientation or social-economic status. Activision was alive and well. I have since then, and probably before, believed that OPRESSION was wrong. This has been my founding belief in all approaches toward my career as well as my life.

I now live in Meadows Place, Texas between Houston and Sugar Land. This is all a part of the Houston Metro-complex. I have gone on to become a psychotherapist where I have been in practice for 41 years. Besides my private practice, I also am a Co-Director of New Solutions. New Solutions offers a Battering Intervention and Prevention Program as well as an Anger Management Program.

New Solutions’ mission is to deliver a set of services to our clients that provide them with the ability to understand the balance of power in aspects of their relationships; physically, verbally, and emotionally and teach them proven techniques and strategies to effectively express and manage anger. We believe in equality in all relationships. We believe in promoting social change leading to cultural values that prohibit rather than support abuse in relationships.

We teach the concept of coercive control to help clients understand the various tactics they use to maintain power and control over another. Many clients have not even seen their behavior as “wrong” or oppressive. My favorite questions to ask are: “Have you ever thought about the way you think? How did you come to think the way you think? How does your thinking allow you to exercise power and control over another human being?” This moves us toward self-awareness. I hope that the least I can do is change the world one person at a time.

Within the past two years, Dr. Henderson came to Houston promoting his book. All the Alumni were notified through a mass email. I decided to attend to see George and Barbara. I was a somewhat surprised to be the only white person present and that there were less than 30 people attending. I wondered what happened to the rest of us. Perhaps the others were busy saving the world and unable to attend. I hope it was not an indicator that the Human Relations department had not made a long-term impact on those not present.


Sherry Malcomb Gill