Shannon Bert


Associate Professor
Physical Science Building 706
(405) 325-1766         


Professional Information

Courses Taught


HR 4503 Applied Research Methods


HR 5403 Psychosocial Development
HR 5713 Women, Work, and Family
HR 5013 Current Problems
HR 5403 AP Psychosocial Development
HR 5013 AP Current Problems
HR 5743 AP Violence Against Women and Children


Article Publications

Bert, S.C., & Farris, J. R. (in press). Adolescent motherhood. In R.J.R. Levesque (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Adolescence. Springer.

Bert, S.C., & Lanzi, R. (in press). History of abuse and its transmission to parenting: A comparison among adolescent and adult mothers. Free Inquiry in Creative Sociology.

Patchen, L., Lanzi, R., & Bert, S.C. (in press). Experiences with Childhood Trauma and Prenatal Depression among First-Time Adolescent and Young Adult Mothers:  Risk Factors for Subsequent Pregnancy within Twelve Months
Free Inquiry in Creative Sociology.

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mothers and their teenage children. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 40, 72-84.

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Book Publication

Borkowski, J.G., Farris, J., Whitman, T.L., Carothers, S.S., Keogh, D., & Weed, K. (Eds.) (2007). Risk and resilience: Adolescent mothers and their children grow up. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Chapter Publications

Bert, S.C., & Farris, J.R. (2009). Addressing attrition rates: New directions in
administering parent training. In P.H. Krause, & T.M. Dailey (Eds.), Handbook of Parenting: Styles, stresses, and strategies. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

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Additional Information

Dr. Bert graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2001with a B.A in Psychology and a minor in Communication and received her masters and doctorate in Developmental Psychology, with a minor in Quantitative Statistics, from the University of Notre Dame.

"I am truly excited to have been granted the opportunity to return to this great University to foster in students, as past OU professors had done for me, an interest in life and learning." ~Dr. Bert

As a Research Assistant for the Psychology Department’s Center for Children and Families, Dr. Bert conducted assessments of intelligence, child and adult socio-emotional adjustments, and child behavior, as well as extensively analyzed data for multiple federally-funded longitudinal research projects.

"As an upper-level graduate student, I had the opportunity to take the department’s advanced teaching seminar course, comprehensively study the effects of teen parenting on both mothers and their children, obtain KANEB Striving for Excellence in Teaching Certification, independently study biracial identity development, and develop and implement my own dissertation research project focused on parent-training and children’s development. While pursuing a minor in Quantitative Statistics, I developed a passion for statistical techniques utilized for longitudinal research designs such as regression, HLM, and SEM."

As a Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgetown’s Center on Health and Education Dr. Bert had the opportunity to serve as Washington DC’s site Project Director for a federally-funded research study (QUINCE) examining the quality of childcare for disadvantaged populations. As Project Director she oversaw every aspect of implementing the study in DC as well as at the Mississippi site; including data collection, analysis, and reporting.

"Through my current and past college work experience and training I have developed a strong background and interest in child, family, and risk research, as well as teaching basic, methods, statistics, and advanced HR courses. My current interests’ center on: creating and evaluating prevention and intervention programs for at-risk populations (i.e., teen mothers and their children, children exposed to violence, and those experiencing high levels of stress); mixed-methods approaches to studying biracial identity development; adolescent transitions to adulthood; and risk and protective factors among disadvantaged populations (i.e., minorities, single-parent families, and those living in poverty)."

On a personal level, Dr. Bert is married to her high school sweetheart. They have 3 daughters who were born in 2006, 2008, and 2010. She also enjoys watching college basketball, home decorating, and watching reality T.V.