Rebecca L. Post, Class of 2000

Re: Human Relations Testimonial

Dear Dr. Long:

My name is Rebecca Post and I received my Master of Human Relations in July 2000 from the University of Oklahoma, Norman campus. I had previously graduated from OU in May 1999 with a BA in Sociology, with an emphasis in Criminology. After graduating with my M.H.R., I stated law school at the University of Tulsa in August 2000, graduating in May 2003 with my Juris Doctor.

Looking back, I am so grateful for the education I received in the Human Relations department. I was exposed to so many different disciplines: sociology, women’s studies, psychology, statistics, etc. The totality of those courses allowed me to utilize that knowledge in my current legal profession. At the beginning of my career, I worked for a non-profit domestic violence agency, representing battered women. The information I learned through several courses at OU allowed me to understand the cycle of violence and how best to help my clients. I have also taught at a college and utilized my HR courses in teaching my own students. The ability to be a critical thinker is the biggest lesion I learned and try to impart. Last year, my law partner and I opened our firm, CHILDERSPOST, PLLC. We exclusively practice family law. On a daily basis, I use counseling skills that were established greatly through HR curriculum.

I honestly believe that getting my HR degree was one of the best decisions I have made. I was afforded the opportunity to be exposed to a higher level of instruction by quality instructors and professors. I gained important life skills that translate directly into my current practice of law. I would highly recommend this Degree to future graduate students. If I can be of more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me in the future.


 Rebecca L. Post