Penelope Moulton, Class of 1993



I received a Master’s Degree in Human Relations in 1993. Prior to graduation I worked as an Administrative Assistant at the Leland Wolf School in the Oklahoma Youth Center. Our students consisted of the special needs in-patient student population of this State of Oklahoma Pediatric Center. In 1995, I took a position at the administrative offices of the Norman Public Schools. As an Oklahoma Certified Public School teacher, I served in the Personnel Office as a clerk for the certified teachers within the school system. The duties included hiring, entry year programs for new teachers, and many accountability reports relevant to certified teachers.

In 1998 all of my personal efforts became focused on survival of breast cancer. Retiring from the Norman Public Schools, I put my energies into working for a cure for breast cancer. I traveled to Washington D.C, with a contingency from US Oncology to serve as a patient advocate since congress was creating the Medicare Part D Plan to provide pharmaceutical assistance to our senior citizens. I have also served as a speaker for The Day of Caring Seminars and other proactive cancer strategies such as Casting for Recovery and Race for the Cure. It is my earnest belief we will find the cure for breast cancer bringing hope to all women.

In 2006 we retired to Colorado. We discovered the Iliff Theological Seminary at the University of Denver becoming acquainted with humanitarian concerns. Several community services such as preparing refugee housing and many charity knitting organization such as the Neonatal Unit of Denver Health, Knit for Kids partnering with World Vision and Knitting for the Troops that partners with USO have brought personal satisfaction. We offered guest housing for the Up with People performers. A most profound experience is cutting the hair of the homeless in an inner-city church every Monday. A down-and-out person receives respite with a warm meal, haircut and hat in addition to basic hygiene needs.

In 2015 I served on the ecumenical committee of Bright Stars of Bethlehem to coordinate the visit of The Reverend Doctor Mitri Rahab of Palestine to the Rockies. Bright Stars offers hope to the people of Palestine in promoting outreach to ministries of Diylan Consortium and a variety of cultural exchanges. Peace Not Walls is another organization that advocates awareness, human rights, healing and reconciliation in The Holy Land. I also support the works of CADP (Coloradans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty) dedicated to making our justice system more efficient. These human services are inherently linked to the study of Human Relations shedding a spotlight on societal concerns of our country.