Nicholette Doliva

My name is Nicholette Doliva - anAlumni member of the Human Relations Masters Degree. I recently received abeautiful email from the Chair, Dr. Wesley Long, and wanted to send over mycurrent career path and testimonial.

I began my journey with the Universityof Oklahoma's Master Degree while I was stationed on Active Duty in the U.S.Navy overseas in Rota, Spain. It took me approximately two years to completeand I had a wonderful experience - the professors would fly out to Rota and wewould have a week long course followed by assignments after.  It was anhonor to be able to complete my degree while serving and when I came off ActiveDuty (still serving in the Navy Reserve) I landed a job working for anon-profit organization called Spirit of America Worldwide. 

 I currently work as a FieldOperations Project Manager for Central and South America - our organizationdelivers humanitarian aid, economic development, and non-lethal assistance inresponse to any deployed American be it Military or Department of State, andU.S. Country Teams at Embassy's Worldwide.

 I can honestly say that I use mydegree to the fullest and on a daily basis. My job is to assess current gaps orproblems with local populations and host nations in third world countries - findingsolutions to problems we seek to solve. I engage with the locals to see if aidis something they really need or want and then work with our U.S. advisors tocreate projects to help them have a better more sustainable way of life. TheHuman Relations degree I earned was one of the most enduring educationalexperiences and I continue to use it today. I highly recommend anyone who isinterested in studying people or understanding them - finding a way to interactand engage would truly love this degree plan. It is something invaluable andcan be used in any career field!


 Thank you,

Nicholette Doliva