Mohamed Eslam, Class of 2011

My name is Mohamed Eslam. I am a 2011 graduate of the Masters of Human Relations program. I am writing in testimony for how this program prepared me for success. I am now a second year medical student at the The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine- Tulsa campus ( OU-TU School of Community Medicine). Human Relations certainly set the stage for my broad view on humanity and society. The School of Community Medicine looks to graduate physicians who are not only trained in the biological matters of diseases but who are also aware of the social determinants of health. The school aims to graduate physicians who can treat whole populations by being involved in their communities, advocating for social and community solutions for health care problems. I feel that my background in Human Relations prepared me well for that role as my classes and interactions during the program focused on the social issues and their outcome including health. I am very proud and excited to marry my background in Human Relations with Medicine because I feel that such marriage only furthers the message of medicine which is to heal and connect with our fellow human beings. As a physician Human Relations will help me connect with my patients, understand their background, and appreciate their struggles, and that is the core of being a physician.

Mohamed Eslam