Lyndsay Lord, Class of 2007

My name is Lyndsay Lord and I graduated with my MHR from OU Tulsa in 2007.

I was working full time at Hilti, as a Human Resources Specialist when I chose to take advantage of the company's tuition reimbursement program. My boss actually told me I was in a dead end job if I didn't get an advanced degree. I remember being infuriated my his unwelcome wisdom at the time but as I reflect back, it was the best tough love I have ever received.

As I was nearing graduation at OU I came across an opportunity at Pepsi Bottling group as a Sr. HR Representative. Pepsi has a world class HR program and typically only admits masters from select schools known for their HR curriculum. They went ahead and interviewed me (even though I didn't fit the typical mold) and then to my surprise hired me. I was later told they took a chance on me because of how far I'd come by way of my education. As a product of Tulsa Public Schools, specifically Daniel Webster HS, I beat the odds by earning my undergrad at TU. And they found it even more impressive that I continued my education at OU while working full time and graduated with a 4.0.

After a fruitful career, promotions and a move to Austin, I left Pepsi in 2010. I found a dream job that would move me to Dallas working as a global HR leader for Arrow Electronics.

In 2013, I joined CoreLogic where I'm employed today as Vice President Human Resources. In my role I oversee the human capital strategy for a growing data and analytics leader powering the real estate economy.

In short, pursuing my masters in Human Resources was the best decision I ever made both personally and professionally. I employ many of the lifelong lessons, theories and organizational habits learned at OU on a daily basis in my profession.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

My Best,

Lyndsay Lord-Greer