Louis Houston Anderson, Class of 1978

Dear Dr. Long,

Thank you for reaching out to me. It was a pleasure to receive your letter of June 1, 2016.

I began my program in Human Relations when I was an Army captain stationed in Panama in the 1970s. My follow-on assignment was Ft. Still, Oklahoma, so that allowed me to complete my MA in 1978. From here I continued in the Army retiring in 1992 as a Colonel with twenty-six and on half years of service. Human Relations was a natural follow on for me as I had received a BA in Sociology from San Jose State College; San Jose California in 1965.

I served in command positions from platoon leader to deputy brigade commander as well as staff and school assignments. My specialties were military law enforcement, the foreign area officer program (Latin America) and military psychological operations. Skills I acquired from the OU human relations program allowed me to interface smoothly up and down the chain-of-command in the military. Those interpersonal skills also lead to my success as a program director for a government contractor after my retirement, and they continue to serve me well in my volunteer assignments with the Delaware Knights of Columbus. I am presently one of the three finalists for the position of Master-Delaware District, Fourth Degree, Calvert Province, and Knights of Columbus. If I am appointed on September 1st, I will be responsible for all ceremonials in the State of Delaware and selected events in four other states as directed by the Vice Supreme Master.

I began my program with your department under Dr. George Henderson, a most wonderful man, whom I had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions, both in Panama and in Norman. If you see him or speak with him, please let him know that I send my warmest regards and best wishes, and I am grateful for his kindness and inspiration.

All the best wishes to you as the Chair of the Department of Human Relations; I know you will continue to foster the highest standards of academic achievement.

Louis Houston Anderson, Class of 1978