Larry W. Sanders, Class of 1976

Dear Dr. Long,

It was a nice surprise to receive your letter and to be reminded of my time with the Human Relations Department and the University of Oklahoma. I suppose I qualify as an “old time”. I completed my studies in 1976. Most of my classes were conducted at Sheppard AFB and Ft. Sill with a few trips to the OU campus.

I’ve been retired for a fear years now. My career field was Human Resource Development. The Human Relations course work and class experiences certainly supported my employment and professional efforts. What I learned was especially valuable in areas such as team building, quality and productivity improvement, and organizational development.

In terms of employment, the OU degree had to be a factor. I was employed at GTE Directories, Johnson and Johnson Medical, and with two international consulting firms. The Human Relations studies also supported my completion of a PhD in Human Resource Development at the University of Texas at Austin.

I wish you great success with your leadership as Chair, Department of Human Relations.


Larry W. Sanders, PhD