Kristy Ventimiglia, Class of 2003

In 2002, I entered the Human Relations program at OU as a personal goal for myself to complete my graduate degree. Originally, I began the program in order to further my career opportunities. Soon after graduating, my career took a new path into a consultative environment. In this role, I actively use the education and skills afforded with a direct correlation to completing the graduate program. My career has led me to new opportunities and I have the confidence and knowledge to apply what I learned to situations and career advancement. My increased compensation is a by-product.

The reason I chose OU over other adult programs was that the professors I had also taught mainstream students, so I believe I received the very highest level of education. I was very impressed by all the professors, the choice of classes, and the full support at OU.

I do not believe I would be where I am today without completing my graduate degree at the University of Oklahoma. I highly recommend the program to any adult learner who has a desire for the pursuit of education and the willingness to put forth the effort which is well rewarded.

Kristy Ventimiglia

Master's of Human Relations

Graduate of 2003