Kazuko Suzuki

Dr. Wesley Long

Chair, Department of Human Relations

It was a wonderful surprise to get a letter from you.

I say thank you that you gave me the Human Relations degree.

It leads me a good life after then.

Before I completed the Human Relations, I studied abroad in the U.S. for the Psychology. When I returned home to take an internship for Psychology at the Yokosuka Naval Base, I had known there opened the Human Relations. It was lucky for me to be able to attend the course in Yokosuka.

As the result I have taken the master degree of the Human Relations, I could look for the job as a counselor in Japan. At the beginning it was hard and I only got a short term job like substitution.

But now I have been working as an advocate at the General Hospital in Yokosuka for more than ten years. During the same time I voluntarily organized and performed the group session for the Japanese spouses on Naval Base who got married with U.S. active duties.

I am proud of these jobs. I appreciate you gave me a chance to learn the Human Relations and then I could apply the knowledge to the jobs. I would like to continue the jobs to help the clients who have mental anguish.

Please follow up for me in the future as well.

Sincerely yours,

Kazuko Suzuki