Katie Allen

LPC Advisor and Assistant Professor
Physical Science Center 702
(405) 325-2402

Dr. Allen's Vita    

Professional Information

Personal Information

Dr. Katie R. Allen is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Relations at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Allen earned her bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University in Psychology and Philosophy. She completed her Master’s degree in Humanities at Duke University followed by earning her PhD in Counselor Education at Texas Tech University. She is the former Clinical Director of Cedar Ridge Psychiatric Hospital and Residential Treatment Center. Dr. Allen is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor who has extensive counseling experience with children and adolescents in numerous settings including inpatient psychiatric residential treatment, acute hospital treatment, and the juvenile justice system.

Dr. Allen’s teaching duties primarily include teaching graduate-level courses with an emphasis on training students who seek to become Licensed Professional Counselors. Dr. Allen also serves as the LPC Advisor for the Norman campus and Advanced Programs. Her research interests include mental health issues of at-risk and gifted youth, ethical issues in counseling, anxiety and academic performance, and career counseling interventions and implications.

Courses Taught


HR 3013 Introduction to Human Relations 

HR 4170 Introduction to Counseling 

HR 4170 Post-traumatic Stress Disorder


HR 5493: Assessment and Evaluation 

HR 5263: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

HR 5970: Counseling Implications for At-Risk and Gifted Youth

HR 5453: Ethical Issues in HR Counseling

HR 5563: Career Counseling 

HR 5533: Counseling Approaches 

HR 5663: Psychopathology


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