Joseph H. Breault

Dear Dr. Long,

Thank you for the opportunity to express my appreciation to the University of Oklahoma Human Relations Department.

Following is a synopsis of my educational journey, and the crucial part played by your Department.

I came to your program later in life than most but have still reaped maximum benefit from my choice to attend the University of Oklahoma Hum Relations Department Masters Degree program. I joined the United States Air Force as a high school dropout but through my 21 year Air Force career something kept me pursuing my education, completing high school, accumulating a college degree from a number of civilian and military universities to finally graduate college, which ultimately allowed me to enroll in the University of Oklahoma Human Relations Masters Degree Program.

For the past 20+ years this degree has enabled me to do a job I had always dreamed of-teaching. I have been an instructor with a graduate school, teaching adult students in the field which I spent my Air Force and Civil Service career. It has enabled me to share the hard work and knowledge gained over many years. I have traveled all over this country and overseas, met many interesting people, been honored as “Instructor of the Year”, and made money too.

I intend to continue teaching until I am no longer able. It’s a long way from a high school dropout to the respect garnered in a classroom of educated adults and the University of Oklahoma completed that path for me, as I’ve so many time remarked “Without that degree I could not do what has brought me the most satisfaction in my long career”.


Joseph H. Breault