Jorge Mendoza

Jorge Mendoza

Department of Psychology University of Oklahoma,

455 W. Lindsey, Room 706, Norman, Ok 73019

E-mail:, Phone 405-325-4568


Brief Educational History: BS University of Illinois, 1970; Ph. D. University of Oklahoma, 1974.

Brief Work History: Assistant Professor, University of Georgia, 1974-1980, Associate Professor, University of Georgia, 1980-1984, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University, 1984-1990, Professor University of Oklahoma 1990-present. Department Chair, Psychology Department, University of Oklahoma, 2006-present.

Teaching Interests: I have taught industrial organizational psychology, organizational behavior, leadership, measurement, and applied statistics both at the graduate and undergraduate levels for many years.

Research Interests: Dr. Mendoza’s is a fellow of both the American Educational Research Association and of the American Psychological Association. He is also on the Editorial Boards of Psychological Methods and Multivariate Behavioral Research. His research has focused on statistical estimation in the areas of repeated observations (longitudinal data, multivariate data, etc.) and missing data (from the perspective of selection and attrition). His latest work focuses on how selection and attrition affect measurement properties such as reliability, validity, estimation, and confidence intervals. His work has appeared in many top journals including Psychological Methods, British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, Psychometrika, Journal of the American Psychological Association and others. He is presently Chair of the Psychology Department and the University of Oklahoma.