Jordan P. Atkinson, Class of 1996

My advanced degree In Human Relations with the University of Oklahoma was indeed life changing. Every professor, and every student, brought their personal experiences along with a very strong and meaningful curriculum, which, for me, brought out a self-awareness long tamped down my life and career experiences.

I had originally decided to take the degree in order to develop a deeper understanding of the dynamics presented in the day-to-day interactions with the folks that I worked with, etc. In the end, I did get to that point, but, what really happened is best expressed by my wife of 33 years..."Jordan, that degree changed your life!"

I will always be truly grateful to everyone I was fortunate enough to interact with during that time, though I will always carry a special thought for Dr. Coberg and Dr, embodied the heart and soul of his colleagues and the humanity of the experiences themselves. I have truly tried to live his ideal to be open minded, tolerant and as kind as is possible in every situation where human contact is involved. The other taught me to search for a meaning in life and to keep a dream alive through the toughest of circumstances, never forgetting the randomness of chance nor the chance to make a positive difference to those you meet along the way.

I have Human Relations to thank for any differences I may have made up until now and the entrenched desire to keep doing so.


Jordan P. Atkinson

MHR, 1996