Human Resources Concentration

The mission of the Master of Human Relations (MHR), Human Resources concentration is twofold: first, to educate students in the Human Resources (HR) discipline, and second, to prepare them for careers in HR. Whether you are totally new to the HR discipline and desire foundational HR knowledge or you are already a seasoned HR professional looking for additional education to combine with your experience and certifications to take your career to the next level, the HR concentration is designed for you!

Developed with practicality in mind, the HR concentration not only focuses on assisting students in acquiring a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of HR- its breadth and depth, but also on fostering a learning experience that promotes critical application of the acquired knowledge to real world HR scenarios. We believe this holistic approach will uniquely position students to readily enter the HR workforce with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to contribute meaningfully to organizations.

Below is just a sample of the topics the HR concentration is centered on.

-Employment Law
-Workforce Staffing
-Employee and Labor Relations
-HR Trends and Emerging Issues
-Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
-HR Strategy
-Learning and Development
-Technology and HR

Learning Outcomes

Building on our foundational goals, the HR concentration has several specific learning outcomes. Upon successful completion of the concentration, students will be able to*:

-Explain the primary concepts and principles comprising the Human Resources discipline and its functional  areas.
-Describe in detailed and specific terms the role(s) HR occupies within organizations.
-Articulate in detailed and specific terms the value HR brings to organizations.
-Discuss both orally and in writing HR issues, principles, and concepts using generally accepted HR  terminology.
-Demonstrate understanding of HR concepts, principles, and employment laws.
-Identify reputable reference sources for HR information and best practices.
-Utilize reputable HR organizations and associations for professional practice and development.
-Describe thoroughly the competencies necessary for HR professionals.
-Create a plan for personal development.
-Explain the relationship between Human Relations and Human Resources.

*This list is not exhaustive. The above only serve as a sample of the potential learning outcomes. Students can, without a doubt, expect more outcomes from completing the HR concentration.

Program Characteristics

Students will not only enjoy a goal oriented program with specific theoretical and practical learning outcomes, but also a dynamic program designed for their academic and career success.

Additional features include:
-Knowledgeable faculty with real-world HR experience.
-Interactive learning methods such as group discussion and real world case studies, focused on student  engagement, interaction, and HR practice applicability.
-Accessible advisers eager to assists students in mapping out not only a concentration completion plan, but also  a career development plan.
-Program flexibility-while students do have core course requirements, the program allows for and encourages  student authorship.
-Hybrid delivery with the ability to take some courses online.
-Research and application component aimed at providing a culminating experience for students!

Concentration Requirements

Concentration completion requirements include:
6 hours of Human Relations core coursework
21 hours of Human Resources core concentration coursework
3 hours of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion coursework
6 hours of Research and Application
Thesis and Non-Thesis options

A detailed HRC concentration description can be found here.

Sample course sequencing can be found here.

Human Resources Concentration Requirements


HR Concentration and Human Resource Diversity and Development Certificate

The HR concentration does not replace the Human Resource Diversity and Development certificate currently offered by our department. Students may continue to seek the certificate independent of the HR concentration. Completion requirements for the certificate are unchanged. However, completing both the certificate and HR concentration is also possible. Six of the twelve hours required for the certificate are directly applicable to the HR concentration. And, in some instances more may be applicable.

 For more information on how to complete both the certificate and HR concentration, please contact Eric Sourie at 325-7052 or



Human Resources Concentration Faculty