Harvey B. Burtley Sr.

June 202016

Dear Dr. Wesley Long

Congratulations on your recent appointment to chair of the Human Relations Department at the University of Oklahoma. I am sure you will continue the outstanding job leading the HR Department as those who have preceded you.

Thanks for your warm letter of inquiry about the where about of HR Alumni. I am happy to know that OU continues to follow the life journey of its former students. With pleasure, I am happy to share my testimony of how getting an HR degree has enriched my life.

For young people trying to decide a career path to choose in life, HR would be an excellent choice. Because people is the focus point of life, and because HR cross every occupation in life, this field provides many options of endeavor.

In every endeavor of my life, I have tried to practice the people skills I learned from my Human Relations Training at OU. For this reason I am very grateful to the HR staff who taught me the value of what it means to love, work diligent, and make people a priority in my life.

The joy, the personal growth and inner satisfaction I have received from knowing how to interact with people, can never be measured by monetary value.

By the Grace of God in my small way, I have been blessed to serve many people from all walks of life in various ways. For some people I have been a father, counselor, a doctor, a minister, a friend, a mentor, an advocate and teacher. But to be more specific listed below are some ways I have my HR training to serve people.

  • I taught you and adult Sunday school and served as youth minister at Faith Temple Church.
  • I organize Thine Will Church and pastored it for twelve years
  • I try to make a difference in someone’s life every day-which I have never met before. My HR training have influenced the lives of different people I have met in the air, on the beaches, in the hospitals, my neighborhood, at the parks, at various stores, in the restaurants, in prisons, on the battle field in Vietnam, on the battle field in the ghettos where ever I have had the opportunity to help someone.
  • I have been a change agent by inspiring various people in many cities (43) I have traveled to.
  • I was instrumental in inspiring my school bus students when I was a School Bus Driver.
  • We fought for better job opportunities for minorities in the work place, and was successful in contributing to better benefits and job opportunities.
  • We had a major hand in revitalizing three neighborhoods.
  • We have conducted street crusades in two major cities in Jamaica.
  • I have traveled to many foreign cities where I have used my HR Training.
  • I retired from the Union Pacific RR after 33 ½ years of service.
  • I am a double Purple recipient and have received many accolades and an honorable award for serving my country.
  • I have sponsored educational training for students in foreign countries.
  • I am currently writing a book and need a publisher. The book title is “The Path of Enlightenment.” Perhaps your HR Department can be of assistance.
  • My HR service is throughout the city of Omaha, Nebraska whether physical or spiritual.

By the grace of God and the HR training I received from the University of Oklahoma I have been blessed to touch many lives, the HR training from OU was a perfect fit for the ministry God called me to do.

I hope this addresses some of the concerns you were looking for. It has been a pleasure sharing some of my life experiences with you. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Harvey B. Burtley Sr.