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Admission to Program

Comprehensive Exam and Transfer Credits

MHR General Questions



Admission to the Program

I am a graduate student.  How do I apply to the HR program?

You will need to fill out an application with OU Admission and Records.  

Click the links for additional instructions to apply to the Norman, Tulsa and AP programs.

Do I have to activate my OU email?

Yes.  All email correspondence from Human Relations will be sent to your OU email address.  Go here to activate your account.  This page may also be of use for new students.

How will I know when I have been admitted?

You will receive a decision letter from Admissions and a welcome letter from Human Relations through the email account listed on your application.

I have just been admitted and I have an advising stop on my record.  How can I have that cleared?

It is most likely an error.  You do not need to be advised to enroll as a graduate student.  Please contact Enrollment to have that removed. Enrollment Services can be found here.  (Norman and Tulsa Students Only)

Do my references have to be from professors?

No.  If you graduated from college recently or are still in college, one or two should be from professors.  The letters should attest to your ability to do graduate coursework.  Students have also obtained letters from such people as an employer or former employer, someone who has supervised your volunteer work, or a coach who can attest to your work ethic.

Can my letters and other materials be emailed?

Yes. Your resume, letters and statement can be emailed to Lawana Miller at  They can also be faxed to the department at 405-325-4402.  Reference letters can be attached to the application.  They should be addressed to "To Whom It May Concern."


Comprehensive Examination

Am I required to be enrolled to take the Comprehensive Exam?

Yes.  You have to be enrolled in at least two hours of graduate coursework at the University of Oklahoma to qualify to take your exam.  You will not be allowed to start your exam until you are enrolled and your exam will be invalided if you drop the hours.  Students often enroll in a directed reading, internship hours, or a weekend class that does not meet during the month that they are taking their exam so they have time to focus on their exam.

Does the enrollment need to be in a Human Relations course?

No.  It does, however, have to be in an OU graduate course.

What happens if I have to take an incomplete for the required enrollment?

It will not impact your exam.  If, however, those hours are required for your degree, it will delay your graduation.

Does Internship enrollment count as the required enrollment for the comps?  Yes.

Do I need to complete my core classes before I take my comps?  Yes.

Taking the Exam

Can I use the same reference in both essays if I am taking comprehensive exam Option 1?

Yes.  The  number of references is per question and you can use the same one for both questions if it is relevant.

Do I have to quote every reference that I select?

No.  In fact, you do not have to use quotes at all.  You do have to have at least one citation to each reference in the body of your paper to count as one of your references.  You should not have a reference on your list that you have not used in the paper.

Why do I have to limit quotations?

The comprehensive exam is a test of your knowledge of the field, your ability to engage in critical thinking, and of your ability to write at the graduate level.  If your paper is full of other people's words, we cannot accurately gauge your knowledge or writing ability.  Therefore, you will fail the exam.  Brief quotations should only be used to support your arguments and should be used sparingly.

Can I write in first person perspective?

Yes.  In fact, on Option 2 (Internship Options), you must do so.  You cannot talk about your experiences without using the word "I", so please do not try to do so by using "one" or other words instead.  In Option 2, you can also use the word "I" when asked for your opinion in a question or to incorporate your experiences into an answer.

What are the requirements to be eligible for Option 2 (internship application paper) for my comps?

You must successfully complete at least 3 credit hours (225 clock hours) the semester prior to receiving the comps.

For Option 2 (internship application paper), can I write my comps over FEMA?

No, you will have to choose the internship you did in person.

Transfer Credits

Can transfer credits over five years of age be used?

No. This is against University policy.

Can I use transfer credits taken before I was admitted?

Yes. As long as, you were a full admit and the transfer credits are not over five year of age at the time of admission, readmission, or at the time of graduation.  

What if the OU graduate credits become over five years old while I am completing the degree?

Once you are enrolled, you are allowed to have a maximum of nine credit hours of overage credits at the time of graduation.

What if I have to reapply to the program and I have OU graduate credits that are over five years old?

You may petition the HR Graduate Liaison for graduate credits taken at the University of Oklahoma that are over five years. If the petition is approved a maximum of nine credit hours can be applied toward the MHR degree.

Who do I turn petitions into for approval?

All petitions must be received by the student’s designated HR staff member (see Staff Page), who will then forward to the HR Graduate Liaison for review. If the HR Graduate Liaison supports your petition then the petition will be forwarded to the Graduate College for the final decision.

MHR General Inquiries

If I am a dual degree student with HR/IR, do I have to complete both degrees at the same time?

No.  Classes, however, should be taken concurrently.

Do dual degree student submit Program of Study forms to both departments at the same time?

Yes.  This is required.

Do dual degree students need to take the respective comprehensive exams at the same time?

No.  They do not need to be taken the same semester.

What if I can't meet the five face-to-face class requirements?

You should try to take as many Human Relations classes in the classroom as possible.  If you see that you will not be able to meet the requirements, you should contact the department Program of Study/Comp/Graduation contact listed on the Staff Page according to the first letter in your last name.


Scholarship and Awards

There are currently no Undergraduate scholarships available.

Master of Human Relations Scholarship Applications are Available on ONE.

The Department of Human Relations awards three scholarships specifically for MHR students. They are the (1) George Henderson Jr. Graduate Scholarship for students attending at the Norman Campus, (2) Jack Stout Scholarship for students attending at the Tulsa Campus, and (3) Linda Isaacs Memorial Scholarship for students attending at the Tulsa Campus.

These scholarships are applicable for students who are fully admitted to the University of Oklahoma Master of Human Relations program. Students must be in good academic standing and maintain a 3.0 GPA.

The College of Arts and Sciences also offers scholarship opportunities!

Special Recognition

Access the applications by clicking on the "Money" tab in ONE and finding the scholarship application link in the "Scholarship Information" box on the left side of the screen.

Scholarship applications MUST be completed electronically on ONE before the deadline in order to be considered for an award.

Any additional information may also be found on the College of Arts and Sciences website.

Links to Special Recognition Awards for HR Students

Human Relations Special Recognition Instructions

Human Relations Special Recognition Application

Instructions on how to create digital signature for form. (If you are unable to do this, simply print filled out form, sign form, scan form, and electronically send to the HR committee.

All nomination forms must be electronically emailed to Dr. Jody A. Worley.