Efi Lazaridou

Dr. Wesley Long,

Thank you for your letter. It was of great surprise for me and I really feel blessed that you warmly accepted me [in] the “human relations family”.

H.R. degree was the best thing I have ever done to improve myself, develop my mind, expand my knowledge and fashioned my personality upon certain principles. I can confide in you…that when I got my acceptance letter from O.U. “I was all at sea. “ I thought that speaking and writing a foreign language…in a foreign country would be a hard struggle for me….but it turned out a great challenge. My colleagues and professors warmly accepted me. During my educational process I completely adapted myself to the students group.

After I graduated I think I became a new person, having a personality rest on formative influence. As an officer head nurse in a technical kidney unit at the Navy Hospital, I have a great opportunity to apply the treasures of knowledge I purchased. The wealth of information I acquired, help the development of my professional career and build my self-confidence sufficiently.

Every day is a new day for me and a challenge to become better, to learn more and improve myself. All the principles of “leadership”, “ethical issues”, “multi-cultural issues”, “nonverbal behavior”, “emotional intelligence” help me so much to transform the Unit into a strong body with a team spirit and the effects have beneficial influence to our patients.

Beyond my job, my life is an educational process, and a continuous struggle to derive wisdom and insight from simple things.

You really honored me when you accepted me as an equal member of the Human Relations family. I’ll always be thankful.

Efi Lazaridou

Athens, Greece