Denis K. Lane, Jr., Class of 1973

Dear Dr. Long:

Your letter dated June 1, 2016, was a great reminder of my days, 40 years ago, in the Human Relations Department. For many years I have wondered how the program was doing. Dr. George Henderson was the Department Chair, when I went through the Human Relations Program, and I have wonderful memories of him. He was an amazing educator, and I still have great memories of his classes and the principles he espoused.

After receiving my MA in Human Relations in 1973, I went straight to law school at OU. As a practicing attorney, I used my background and training in Human Relations, as I specialized in mental health law as an attorney. Our training at OU from Dr. Henderson focused on T-Group work, which provided an excellent background for mental health group therapy. Mental health law has been an incredibly interesting field for me, 40 years after graduating from OU Law School and beginning the practice of law.

I wrote a book on mental health law, as it applies in the State of Colorado, which is entitled, “The Legal Guide for Practicing Psychotherapy in Colorado”. It is now published by the Colorado Bar Association. If I were living in Norman, I would attempt to organize either a mental health law review for the OU law students, or would start a club, training OU law students to write a book, similar to mine, on mental health law in Oklahoma.

I am still an avid Sooner, and still have wonderful memories of the University, the Human Relations Program, and the Law School. Thank you for your correspondence, and for taking me on a trip down memory lane.

Very truly yours,

Denis K. Lane, Jr.