Debra Davidson-Knight, Class of 2006


I completed my Human Relations degree in 2006. During the time I was attending classes at University of Oklahoma at Offutt AFB, I owned a substance abuse treatment center providing services up to Intensive Outpatient level of care. I had been a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor since 1998 and I knew I wanted to work as a mental health practitioner which I believed could be accomplished with the HR degree.

Although it was a bit more difficult to obtain because your program was not approved by the State of Nebraska at that time, I obtained the LMHP and Professional Counselor in 2009. Since that time I have worked in different positions such including a Crisis Response Therapist and Employee Assistance Counselor. Additionally, I have always maintained a private practice. I enjoy EAP work and will probably always maintain a private practice, if even on a part-time basis.

I enjoyed the class structure that the program at Offutt offered. It worked well within my life. 


Debra Davidson-Knight, LMHP, PC, LADC