Daniel Alfson

Dr. Long

I am honored to be able to pass on what my degree in Human Relations has done for me. I decided to pursue a human relations/counseling degree while I was still in the USAF to better prepare myself for the leadership positions I was expecting to come my way and also to qualify for the chance to become a high school career counselor if and when my military career came to an end.

As soon as I started the course I realized how uninformed I was reference leadership, human relations theory and how to promote change. What I learned about these specific areas greatly enhanced my leadership skills as a USAF commander and more importantly as a father, husband and as an informed and sensitive citizen. In all these situations I have continuously referred back to my HR memories and specifically the intense classroom discussions and reading assignments.

As it turned out, I never held an actual professional Human Relations position after completing my deploma. However, I have repeatedly used the HR incite I gained and the superb classroom instructional discussions as a reference as a Fighter Squadron leader and more importantly as I raised my family and interacted with any and all others in day to day life. I feel I have an enhanced understanding of human interaction as a direct result of my pursuit of the HR degree I received from the University of Oklahoma. My time at Oklahoma will always be a valued period in my life.

I sure hope this short review is what you were looking for.


Daniel Alfson