Cynthia Solomon

Dear Dr. Long:

I am happy to provide a testimonial regarding my master’s degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma, and I would be glad for you to publish any part (or all) of my statement below, along with my name, title and employer.

Obtaining my master’s degree in Human Relations from OU in 1998 definitely paved the way for me to work in an exciting new career in human resources. Having once worked as an English teacher in public schools, and subsequently as a paralegal in the employment law area, I chose the Human Relations degree program at OU, knowing I wanted to pursue a career in human resources management. This degree program offered the flexibility I needed to craft a master’s degree that led to my current position at Union Public Schools, where I serve as the Senior Executive Director of Human Resources (having been in a director role in the Human Resources Department at Union for 16 years). At the time I started my master’s program, I had a full-time job and two teenagers at home, so the flexibility to come into OU’s Human Relations master’s degree program with my bachelor’s degree in education (and with no additional bachelor’s coursework required) was a big plus, as was the ability to attend classes on weekends. The coursework in Human Relations/Organizational Change & Development has been invaluable in my current role, as was the ability to further hone my specialty area by adding to my transcript a personnel management class and labor union class. My investment in this program has paid off many times over, opening the door to my current opportunity to positively affect the future of young people, by helping to assure that Union Public Schools provides a rewarding work environment to attract and retain the highest caliber staff at all levels of the organization to fulfill our mission to graduate 100% of our students, college and career ready.

If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at this email address or through my contact information below.


Cynthia Solomon