Claudine Warner

My name is Claudine Warner. I currently work as a Certified Behavior Health Case Manager.

I earned my MHR degree to just have a master’s degree on my resume. When I retired from working, I thought that I would enjoy retirement, enjoy drinking my coffee in the mornings on the patio, exercising and just wasting my days during what I wanted to do. I was doing tha,t but soon discovered there was something missing in my life. I was a substitute teacher, I was not there to baby sit kids, but to be a leader for kids and to help their teacher out for the day, as a matter of fact I thought of myself as their teacher. but I wanted more of what I was enjoying as a substitute teacher. I was explaining this to a neighbor and she suggested that I trying doing what she was doing,

My degree actually made me more marketable and lead me to many different directions as a mental Health Care Giver. There are many in the state of Oklahoma that need mental heath care. Many who don’t know that they need mental health care, because they have been functioning in a certain system and with a closed group of individuals (family and friends) until they call it normal when in fact all of them could use some mental health care.

Since I had the master’s degree was able to start out as a Certified Behavior Health Case management. CMII. I have been functioning in this capacity for several years but, I am presently working to become a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have a passion for this type of work, helping other to enjoy being the best that they can be.