Carrie Register-Haley

Thank you for the opportunity to share. I am proud of my Masters, Human Relations degree from the University of Oklahoma. It was a great experience for me earning it while still on active duty. My MHR has served as a stepping in my journey of life-long learning.

My professional career includes a retirement from the Army after almost 21 years of service and nine years with the Department of Defense. This career path has led to a life of living and learning in other countries, and fueled my love of travel. My experience has continuously broadened my understanding of the human race and how we relate to on another.

 Academically, I have obtained five degrees, culminating with a PhD in General Psychology from Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota. I earned my Certified Professional Coach (CPC) certification and Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) at the Institute for Profession Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Additionally, I have certifications in Lean Six Sigma (Black Belt) and Human Resources Management from Villanova University, and a graduate of the Federal Executive Institute, Charlottesville, Virginia. I have used the foundation of everything I learned from my studies in Human Relations degree daily. It has also been a significant part of my accomplishments throughout my career.

I am also the CEO of Revelation of Investment Coaching ( My life coaching philosophy is grounded in the understanding that every client is an innate expert in their own life realization. It is my fundamental belief that we possess the ability, expertise and knowledge to create and embody our own definition of success. Happiness, self-defined success and peace are all at the core of our being; we just need to learn to tap into it. Therefore, it is obtainable for everyone that is willing to put energy into discovering it. I value a holistic approach to coaching and believe the mind, spirit and body are the three pillars that ground us.

It is my responsibility as a coach to listen to my client as well as ask powerful questions to assist with identifying strategies for success, discovering self-empowering techniques, centering for self-discovery, and creating an environment for prosperity. I also believe in holding clients accountable for moving towards their goals on the journey to success. By forging a strong partnership, together we will tap into the client's spiritual foundation and bring forth a revelation of investment for the coaching experience.

Being a Life Coach is who I am. The skills and ability required for my profession are ones I don't take for granted and my education certainly helped to shape my ethics, skills, knowledge and ability. I believe that every client is perfectly imperfect and deserves the best me working to discover the best you.

I also serve proudly in my community, dedicated to giving back. I've served in various roles, such as Victim Advocate, Back to School Event Coordinator, Human Resources Trainer, and Facilitator for the young women groups Girl Power and Daughters of Destiny. Each experience has afforded me a plethora of experiences in mentoring , coaching and put to use my OU education . However, my greatest passion is being a Christian, mother, grandmother, and friend.