Brian Lindsey

Dr. Long,

Thank you for reaching out to me, I would be honored to share my testimonial. Shortly after receiving my MHR Degree, I had an awesome opportunity to work in the Pentagon, in the Strategic Plans and Policies Directorate for the US Army. My MHR Degree set me up for success an set me apart from the competition to be selected for the position, I have been in the Army for almost 30 years and have witnessed the benefits of education especially from outstanding schools such as OU. I went into my job with a new found confidence that I was better prepared because of my Human Relations Degree. I reached back on my studies several times during the course of my 2 years at the Pentagon, from team building to current problems and understanding the environment.

After my time at the Pentagon, I then competed and was selected to serve as the Post Command Sergeant Major for Fort Sill, which position I currently still hold. A major accomplishment since receiving my Degree in 2013 finally came true in September 2015, I finally became an Adjunct Instructor for Upper Iowa University, something I had been pursuing for some time. I attribute a great deal of the success in attaining the role of an Adjunct to my MHR Degree, the opportunity would have never presented itself had I not had this degree.

I can't say enough positive things about The University of Oklahoma and my MHR degree, my spouse and I were honored this year by Coach Kruger and the OU Men's Basketball Team on Military Appreciation Day during the half time show on 9 Jan 2016 it was truly unforgettable.


Brian Lindsey