Alisa Y. Bell

I am honored to write this testimonial regarding the experiences afforded me through the HR degree. While attending the University, I was a full time underwriting professional for a major insurance company in Tulsa. I chose the Human Relations Degree program with an emphasis in organizational development because I wanted to have a voice in the direction my company was heading specifically as it related to improving the lives of those working for the organization. With degree in hand, I was able to transition to Human Resources where I spent a lot of time sharpening my people skills and also applying the theoretical knowledge gained while at the University. My experience in the Human Resources department gave me a keen perspective on organizational culture. I am forever thankful to my professors within the program for preparing me to identify, understand, operate, and in some instances transform organizations and lives.

I am now the Executive Director and Founder of my own non-profit Behavioral Health Agency. Although I did not choose the Licensed Professional Counseling degree plan while at OU, I feel I have come full circle because I have the opportunity to develop the careers of both new and seasoned LPC's, LPC Candidates, and Case Managers. An added benefit for me is I also develop programming for the benefit of improving educational outcomes and self-sufficiency for expectant and parenting teens and their families. MY HR experience afforded me not just the education for this role, but also the courage. Thanks OU.


Alisa Y. Bell, MHR