Our Adjuncts


Our adjuncts come from diverse academic and professional backgrounds.  These different perspectives help achieve our goal of creating a spectrum of knowledge for our students that will help guide them the rest of their lives.

Human Relations Spring 2017 Adjuncts: 

Jody Anderson

Marc Charney

Dennis Crookedacre

Lisa Cummings

Ellen Donaldson

Marilyn Durbin

Anita Fream

Kirby Gilliland

Angela Givens

Mekeda Graham

Kay Ham

George Henderson

Melinda Howard

Glenda Hufnagel 

Lawrence Hynson

Marilyn Jones-Parker

Irene Karpiak

Renee Marlow

Janna Martin

Jorge Mendoza

Bob Moore

Susan Nash

Anthony Natale

Tom Olds

Gloria Pollard

Tammy Roberson

Aimee Robillard-Rook

Jolene Ring

Linda Terrell

Peter Vail

Anita Vanderveer

Jerry Weber

Lee Williams

David Wright

Cathy Yeaman