Our Adjuncts


Our adjuncts come from diverse academic and professional backgrounds.  These different perspectives help achieve our goal of creating a spectrum of knowledge for our students that will help guide them the rest of their lives.

Human Relations Adjuncts: 

Marc Charney

Dennis Crookedacre

Lisa Cummings

Ellen Donaldson

Marilyn Durbin

Anita Fream

Kirby Gilliland

Angela Givens

Mekeda Graham

Kay Ham

George Henderson

Melinda Howard

Glenda Hufnagel 

Lawrence Hynson

Marilyn Jones-Parker

Zach Kampf

Irene Karpiak

Susan Marcus-Mendoza

Renee Marlow

Janna Martin

Sage Mauldin

Jorge Mendoza

Bob Moore

Susan Nash

Anthony Natale

Tom Olds

Gloria Pollard

Tammy Roberson

Aimee Robillard-Rook

Jolene Ring

Linda Terrell

Peter Vail

Anita Vanderveer

Jerry Weber

Lee Williams

David Wright

Cathy Yeaman